Insight into radio coverage quality through measurement, not through prediction or customer complaint

TAP Essential


Positioning the customer without using GPS

Supports all types of device to provide 24x7 reporting from anywhere

Wadaro TAP

Measuring consumer Quality of Experience from within the SIM card or eUICC

Measuring the customer's experience of Mobile Networks

Our solutions

Measuring the customers access to service

One of the top 3 reasons for subscriber churn is poor radio coverage. Using Wadaro TAP, Mobile Network Operators achieve insight into their radio performance as it is experienced by their customers.

Finding the location of a subscriber without using GPS

Wadaro TAP GEO identifies the position of a subscriber or machine application without using GPS

Near real-time reporting of customer experience

Wadaro TAP is a powerful solution that helps Mobile Network Operators to understand how well they and their partner networks serve the customer. With TAP, Operators can address service issues early and reduce costs.