SIMQOE use case for
Customer Care

Customer Care Overview

The Customer Care solution provides Customer Care Agents (CCA) with tools to access real-time and historical information on customer experience. Recent subscriber QoE metrics include a device used, location, coverage experience including calls dropped or unsuccessful attempts to connect.

The on-demand availability of KPIs relating to recent customer experience allows CCAs to understand and promptly address customer issues. In addition, with access to information on devices & locations visited when problems occurred, the CCA is able to establish if the issue is unique to this customer, or part of a more general problem impacting others.

Providing an interactive query interface, as well as dashboards & reports, this package delivers improved customer experience when contacting Customer Care, plus the ability to be more proactive resulting in shorter and fewer customer care calls, and often without the need to involve additional technical resources.

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Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

The Customer Care package provides many clear benefits across various MNO functions. These include:

  • Pre-emptive activities related to customer complaints
  • Target customers likely to call Customer Care in advance
  • Enhanced customer care experience, through better information visibility
  • Increase in customer satisfaction, reduced churn & brand loyalty
  • Savings on customer care through fewer & shorter calls
  • Savings for technical support through a resolution of more issues by 1st line customer care
  • Better awareness of device performance, and impact on services
  • Increased visibility to network coverage or technical problems
  • Visibility to Roaming QoE issues supporting SLA renegotiation and resulting in better service
  • Providing upsell opportunities through visibility to device or subscription.
  • Provides quantitative data to support marketing campaigns – e.g. ‘best in class’ etc.

Target Customer Functions

Target Customer Functions

This package provides functionality to support the following customer use-cases:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Care
  • New Service Planning
  • Customer Retention & Marketing
  • Network Planning and Optimisation
  • Finance

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