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Drive Test Cost Reduction

Drive Test Mediation Overview

As network operators move from 4G to 5G, their approach to network optimisation becomes more complex. New technologies require smarter tools and methodologies that deliver OPEX savings and more effective results.

Coverage & service quality are the critical components that customers expect from mobile operators. The ability to achieve an accurate measurement of radio coverage quality is a primary focus of Network Operations teams. Historically, drive testing has provided the information to allow network engineering teams to focus on specific service performance problems at specific times and locations as the beginning of root cause analysis. However, the shortcomings of drive test campaigns are widely recognised. The inability to replicate real-world conditions, poor statistical relevance of data collected, delays in post-processing of large data sets, and the high campaign costs represent just some of these.

By crowdsourcing KPIs directly from subscriber devices, SIMQOE measures RAN, Core, and Device quality across broad geography (including in-building and remote areas). The resultant data provides MNOs with the ability to identify trends, react more quickly to poor service, and prioritize action to improve service quality and the overall customer perception of the service and MNO brand.

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Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

Drive testing is often used to reproduce a behaviour or condition related to customer complaints.

E.g. investigation into complaints related to frequently dropped calls. This issue is hard to detect due to the low statistical sampling that is provided.

Drive testing is not only OPEX-intensive but also ineffective when compared with the information that can be generated using a solution that provides full visibility of network KPIs and customer experience on a 24×7 basis.

Target Customer Functions

Target Customer Functions

This package provides functionality to support the following customer use-cases:

  • Network Planning and Optimisation
  • Finance

Other Use Cases for SIMQOE


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