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MVNO Solution Overview

The nature of MVNOs and MVNEs leasing wireless capacity from a mobile network operator (MNO) means use-case support via SIMQOE is broad as very little QoS data is made available by core network (RAN) partners. MVNOs generally have very little visibility of network issues, either on a holistic level or on a granular level i.e. per individual subscriber. Where problems do occur, it is rare that the MVNO/E is aware of where or when the problem occurred, and any associated data until they receive a call from an unhappy customer.

The MNO providing network access will often NOT divulge details of customer experience issues, and rarely provide the MVNO with its cell plan, which would provide some indication of cells and locations indicating where problems occur. Additionally, when problems do occur – such as call failure, periods of limited or no coverage, connection to a sub-optimal network, and more – the MVNO is unlikely to have any visibility.

MNOs will likely have probes, RAN monitoring tools, core monitoring, so while these may not show the ‘true’ user experience, they will gather information on events that occur, and highlight some problems.

Using our SIMQOE applet, the MVNO can obtain a view of the REAL coverage experienced by users, including location, problems, network types, device in use, coverage status, if a competing network is available where out of coverage, call experience, and much more.

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SIMQOE Benefits to MVNOs

SIMQOE Benefits to MVNOs

The Customer Care package provides many clear benefits across various MVNO functions. These include:

  • Pre-emptive activities related to customer complaints
  • Target customers are likely to call Customer Care in advance
  • Enhanced customer care experience, through better information visibility
  • Increase in customer satisfaction, reduced churn & brand loyalty
  • Savings on customer care through fewer & shorter calls
  • Savings for technical support through a resolution of more issues by 1st line customer care
  • Better awareness of device performance, and impact on services
  • Increased visibility to network coverage or technical problems
  • Visibility of QoE issues supporting SLA renegotiation and resulting in better service.
  • Providing upsell opportunities through visibility to device or subscription upsell opportunities.
  • Provides quantitative data to support marketing campaigns – e.g. ‘best in class’ etc.

Target Customer Functions

Target Customer Functions

This package provides functionality to support the following customer use-cases:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Care
  • New Service Planning
  • Device Technical Support
  • Network Operations
  • Finance



The following core components are included in the core offering:

Server Software
  • As per SIMQOE CORE
  • Support for an interactive request of specific customer information & display to support Customer Care needs
  • Additional Reports & Dashboards adapted to customer specifics related to the use-case
  • Support for requests from existing/external customer care systems
  • Applet Software: SIMQOE Applet or Customised SIMQOE Mosaic variant

Other Use Cases for SIMQOE


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