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IoT & M2M

IoT & M2M Overview

IoT and M2M vary largely in how they achieve remote device connectivity. M2M depends on point-to-point communications with the use of hardware components embedded in the machine. These connected machines then communicate through a proprietary cellular or wired network to a dedicated software application.

IoT however, relies on standards-based IP networks to interface device data to a cloud or middleware platform. In many deployments, a SIM with a specific subscription configured for IoT or M2M solutions is provided by MNOs in bulk to its IoT/M2M customers, who incorporate them into the devices involved in their specific service.

However, depending on the global reach of the MNO, or the nature of the service offering, IoT/M2M customers deploying devices internationally will enable roaming. While the MNO can provide global connectivity via roaming agreements, once the devices connect to another network, it is difficult to obtain insight into the coverage or connectivity quality that the device is experiencing. It is normally only through complaints or problems that such quality issues are seen.

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Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

The SIMQOE applet solution for IoT/M2M ensures that coverage and connectivity behaviour in the home and roamed to networks is monitored allowing the MNO to establish a map of the quality of experience. This allows the MNO to adapt the service offerings based on awareness of network capability, improve coverage and resolve issues, and select better roaming partners.

In some deployments, customers may wish to ensure that devices remain static rather than mobile. The ability to monitor the positioning of such devices, particularly where GPS is not available is offered via our SIMGEO applet. In addition, SIMGEO enabled SIMs can be disabled by the MNO or service operator.

Target Customer Functions

Target Customer Functions

This package provides functionality to support the following customer use-cases:

  • SIM / eSIM enablement
  • IoT / M2M Supply Chain
  • Roaming Partner management

Other Use Cases for SIMQOE


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