TAP GEO enables the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to acquire the location of connected devices including mobile phones, a modem supporting a machine-to-machine or Internet of Things application.
TAP GEO identifies the customers position without reliance upon GPS receivers in devices or expensive Location Based Service (LBS) enablers inside the network.

TAP GEO is used in the geo-location of Customer Quality of Experience. For the benefit of improving service quality, TAP GEO provides MNOs with a location mapping to reflect areas with good / average / poor and zero service so that they can focus their investments in service improvements where they will benefit most customers.

Latitude, Longitude and accuracy is returned to the LBS application

GEO Client in the SIM captures position data and sends it to the GEO Server

GEO Server requests upload of location data

LBS application requests the location of a subscriber or M2M/IoT device

Cell plan is input to the GEO Server