Poor Radio Coverage is the 3rd most significant cause of subscriber churn

- according to a report by Analysys Mason.

Radio coverage blackspots are geographic areas where subscriber’s experience one or more of the following:

  • Dropped Calls
  • Poor Voice Quality
  • Slow Packet Data (internet) Connections
  • Total Service Disconnection
  • Increased Battery Consumption

Factors contributing to the above include poor radio planning, seasonal climatic variations, construction. All Mobile Network Operators plan their Radio Access Networks to achieve the best possible coverage. However, once their plan is in effect, how is the performance of the network to be measured?

Drive Test is too expensive

Drive Test is too expensive to apply across the entire geography to be addressed by an operator’s service. Some sophisticated networks apply expensive analytics to their cell plans and Core Network counters to predict signal quality.

Wadaro Total Analysis Package (TAP) takes a different approach by reporting coverage quality as it is experienced by the subscriber. Reporting is achieved by taking Key Performance Indicators from our SIM or eUICC based application in the subscriber’s mobile phone. By crowd-sourcing these KPI, TAP measures and reports actual coverage quality and true subscriber experience. The result is solid actionable information used by planning teams to tune their Radio Network and improve coverage quality.

“We are going to rapidly grow our network by offering the best quality service in the country.  Coverage quality is the aspect of service we focus on most, not call performance”

- CEO, African Network